MGS Group is a boutique real estate firm committed to fostering personalized relationships with each and every one of our clients.


We give thoughtful consideration to how a client lives today and how they want to live tomorrow.

We believe that house hunting is a process that must be both informed and fun; one without the other just doesn’t cut it. Our relationship centered approach results in clients being heard, understood and better served. Believing that a home needs to reflect the aspirations and lifestyle of its owners, we invest the necessary time and energy into understanding our client and their needs and desires. The process for identifying the priorities for home location, features and amenities is the direct result of a dialogue that evolves organically, over time.

After the closing, we are happy to provide clients with introductions to some of Boston’s best professionals in the areas of building, architecture, design and art curation and collection. We consider our work done when your toothbrush is next to the sink and your head hits the pillow, and you are finally, happily, home.



We craft a detailed narrative for your home, and present it to the right buyers.

We get to know your home: the history, the architecture, the details, and the ins and outs of the systems that make it hum. What makes it special? What stories does it tell? With a detailed narrative in hand, we market your home with a careful, targeted approach. We specialize in creating individualized and strategic marketing plans for each property and client. Whether your home should be in the WSJ, Boston Common Magazine, or in publications across an ocean, we are happy to work to find your buyer wherever they may be. Our ultimate focus is on your objectives and bottom line, and we won’t wait for a buyer to come to us. With deep roots in the Boston area, and contacts and connections spanning years in the industry, we are invaluable partners in finding the right buyer for your home, and we will.

We are uniquely positioned to play match-maker between buyers and sellers of exceptional properties in the Boston area, often before they come to market.

To learn more about how we might work together, please contact us.